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Let us run the project from design to QA and launch.

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Run your business from a browser using web apps.

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— Using latest technologies
We use the latest technologies like React Native, Node JS & Vue JS for best performance

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— 21 web development experience

Founded in 1999 by experienced web developer Sol Scialom, Scidan is a knowledgeable team of developers, keen to learn and constantly evolving alongside new technologies.

React Native Development

— Save time & money

We are Mobile Development Company that use One code for two platforms (iOS & Android). Using React native for fast and quality mobile apps development

Happy clients All over the

We have happy clients from Feldenkrais Melbourne Australia, London UK, Tel Aviv Israel & NYC.

Or use Bos small business management software to run your business.


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Mobile Development Company

Case Studies

— Odin apps

3 Mobile apps developed in React Native for managing and running car fleets. One app for the Fleet Manager, One app for the Driver and One App for Service providers.

Backend written in C#

Apps written in React Native

Medic App