CT-dent –Dental service multi-layered portal with login and booking application which is connected to a mobile application.


About the site:

Web application with complex backend system for appointment booking system with restricted views and permission rights for multi-users.

3. 1.Web-based application with online booking system that features a five-way permission rights access for doctors and clients. The site is connected to mobile application that allows booking, downloading of calendars and viewing .

4. The design of the website is business like, and in line with the company’s mobile apps, logo and colors.

5. The extensive Backend system features:

Creation of specific documents (score based survey with weighted questions) for admin members;

members login with restricted views.

Booking Application

Users’ management system;

Website control;


The challenges:

2. Create a 5 layered system with restricted views to answer the needs of general info, doctors booking and patient management, patients booking system, Company’s employees interface to run the day to day business and the superadmin management system.

3. Create a system that will work on any mobile platform or web browser.

3. Allow for the system to handle and upload extremely large and heavy files.

The solutions:

2. We created a n advance back-end system where the super-admin can grant multi-users different access rights.

3. Using Sencha touch technology we created one system that works both on iPhone OS and Android OS.

6. We decided to use Java applet to allow for mega-files upload.


Sencha touch, Core PHP and MySQL and extensive DHTML.

Coding is cross platform and Search engine optimized.

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